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Steps on How to Refill Ink Cartridges

To save money and effort, many users tend to refill their own inkjet cartridges instead of buying a new one. Refill kits are available online and at the nearest office supply store. The kit usually comes with syringes, drill bits, plastic stoppers, and the ink inside the vials. If you are a do-it-yourself guy, and you want to know the steps of refilling ink in the cartridges, just follow the instructions below:

Saving Money is a Major Benefit of Using Toner Refill Kits

Toner Refill Kits are available to refill toner cartridges that have eventually run out. The refill kits are specially packed with all the necessary things come equipped with the package and are manufactured by third-party manufacturers to refill empty cartridges and use it for the next cycles of printing. For color laser printers, there are available 4 toner bottles to refill each of the cartridge chambers. The bottles containing toner is loaded with similar quantity of toner as the OEM cartridges, and refilling with toner refill kit means you get same quality and quantity output as the original ones.

Costco and Other Retailers offer Ink Refill Services with Proper Care and Perfection

Buying new printer ink cartridge every time your printer runs out of ink is pretty expensive. If you print often for your home office or for other occasion, it becomes a regular expenditure. But there are several things you can do to reduce the cost of printing, and one significant way is to refill your cartridges. This way you are not only saving money, but also helping save the planet as well.

Konica Minolta Toner Refills are Easy to Find Online

Due to the soaring prices of OEM toner cartridges, third party manufacturers introduced some cheaper alternatives for printer ink supplies that come at par with highly expensive OEM toners in regard to quality, performance and reliability. These consumables are the toner refill kits. Konica Minolta toner refills are capable of producing OEM-quality prints as well as produce same number of pages that are expected from OEM cartridges.

Universal Inkjet Refill Kit is a widely Accepted Ink Refill System

The Universal Inkjet Refill Kit system is the most commonly used refill kit system in the world. This is probably the best selling refill kit in the United States as well as worldwide with more than 15 million refill kits sold. The Universal Toner Refill system was the first method for printer users to refill their own toner cartridges and provided the greatest quality and savings over buying new cartridges.

Refill Toner Cartridges are Cheaper Options of Printer Ink

Generally, a typical household spends a lot of money every year on ink cartridge and toners. Many refilling industries have come up with inkjet cartridge and toner refilling service in many locations. This can not only save you money over purchasing a new cartridge, but can also reduce waste by recycling what you already have. Ink cartridges need to be used regularly, or else they will dry up and clog the printer’s nozzles.

Great Performance of Ink Cartridge Refill with Economical and Environmental Benefits

Inkjet Cartridges expense is one of the most expensive aspect of printer operating cost. For people who are engaged in regular printing activities may find it difficult to maintain the running cost associated with it. If you do a lot of printing job on a regular basis, perhaps one cartridge per month does not work for you and you have to purchase ink cartridges again and again. So, every time you discard the run out ink cartridge, you will end up spending a fortune while replacing it with new cartridge. A very cheap and economical way is to take the ink cartridge to the support unit and get it refilled. One can approximately save up to 70% of the price of ink cartridge if he/she chooses for ink cartridge refill instead of purchasing a new unit. Moreover, refilling of ink cartridge has another huge benefit-it saves our planet as refilling will stop you from disposing a lot of waste in landfills. The cartridges are made up of non bio degradable material which can be dangerous to environment as it takes a lot of time to disintegrate the cartridge.

HP inkjet technology is pretty cool

HP inkjet technology is really pretty amazing.  If you take a close look at how HP (also known as Hewlett Packard) inkjet cartridges work, you will see how innovative this company really is.  Ink droplets are jetted out of tiny holes in the bottom of the cartridge (called print-heads), at a speed of around 30 mph.  And the frequency that they are jetted? According to HP, more than 25,000 times per second! These print heads get electrical signals from the printer about how much ink droplets to jet, and at what specific part of the page.

Prices going crazy for toner

How about the new Lexmark toner cartridges for the Lexmark C930 or C935n?  (the “n” by the way stands for network).  $300+ per cartridge for an original toner cartridge.  You can find remanufactured versions for around $200 or slightly less, thats a handsome $100 off.  Or you can refill them for under $100, saving you about $200. Toner refills are not as common as buying new cartridges, but for 1/2 the price, they are very good money savers.  The toner refill kits from Atlantic Inkjet will work on almost all major laser toner printers, and usually save customers between 40 to 80% as compared to buying store bought replacement cartridges.

The first cartridge I ever refilled

This is the story of someone who began refilling their own cartridges, and through that experience went into the business of selling refills and the idea of refills to others.In the early 2000’s, my cartridge ran out of ink.  It was a Canon BCI-21 series cartridge (printer was a Canon MultiPass, taking a BCI-21 black and BCI-21 color ink cartridge).  The 2 cartridges could be substituted with the thicker Canon BC-20 inkjet cartridge, which would offer more black ink and require that the printer prints in monochrome mode (black only).A set of new inkjet cartridges from the college bookstore cost around $40, a heavy price for a college student, and about 1/2 of what a new printer would cost.  In fact, you can pick up a printer for as low as $60 today (for an inkjet printer).  Taking a closer look at the inkjet cartridges, a light bulb went off…

How do people select a printer thats good for their needs?

Here is a story that was relayed today by a customer.  A very informed customer that is that cares about saving money and refilling his printer ink.Today I walked into Best Buy, and browsed the printer section.  I asked the customer service rep what printer he would recommend. He wasn’t sure how to answer me, or what questions he should ask me to ascertain what elements or functions of a printer I am most interested in.  He coughed, said a few unrelated things, and beckoned someone to help.  That someone was very “cool”, called me dude, and also did not ask me any questions.  He just zoomed past the printer aisle (passing by at least 10-15 printers on the way, mostly inkjet by the way – not sure why laser toners don’t feature as much on Best Buy shelves), and quickly pointed to 3 printers: a Canon, an Epson and a Lexmark (called Genesis).  I said “why did you suggest these 3?”, he said “Because they are newer and cool.  But it depends on how much printing you do”.  Go figure.  Anyway, I thanked him for his time, and began to do some investigating myself.

Glossy Optimizer Inks

Did you know that some printer ink cartridges use Glossy inks? Glossy optimizer inks are used in some very unique printer cartridges, specifically and most popular models are the Epson R800, Epson R1800 and Epson R1900.  Also the Kodak #10 and #30 (which are the newest Kodak ink cartridges) also use the Glossy inks.  These glossy inks are hard to find, but Atlantic Inkjet has released them in different sizes and also part of the Atlantic Inkjet Kodak ink refill kit. Just search our Atlantic Inkjet site for Kodak ink refills.