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Everything You Wanted To Know About Printers

Suppose you have the presentation next day and the work is yet to be finished. You want the presentation to be the best. You want to see the appreciation at everyone’s face when you finish the meeting with perfect impression. Now, while going back to sleep, you test your printer and see it is out of ink. What a horror would it be?

Thermal Printing


Thermal printing is not new technology. Early stage fax machine often employ thermal printing technology. Going into millennium however, fax machine employed inkjet and laser as its primary output process.

Magnificence and Future of 3D Printers

Are you sentient with the significance of 3D printing technology? Well, 3-Dimensional printing is the latest, new age technology, with which, you can make 3 Dimensional solid objects/models. Scientifically and theoretically, it is also termed as additive printing or manufacturing; because you are making solid 3 dimensional models, by following additive printing procedures.

So, Do You Need a Multifunction Printer Device?

multifunction-printer-device.jpgIf you are looking for a multifunction printer device for your home or small office, it is widely believed that they give the best printing solution to users. Apart from printing, these hardware devices can be utilized for sending fax, scanning documents, and getting a document copy. For all these functions, these are called as the multifunction printer devices.

The Edible Printing Industry is Going to Grow in Market Size

Cakes are one of the largest product segments in the industry. Be it a wedding, anniversary, birthday or corporate event, presenting a cake is customary in almost every society. The growing passion in the cake decorating sector is to personalize and customize cakes and cupcakes according to various occasions. A lot of bake-shops today are concentrating on the techniques whereby digital images are printed onto edible paper for cake decoration. This is edible printing and professional chefs are practicing this technique to add creativity and uniqueness to their repertoire.

Kodak Heros- A New Line of Inkjet Printer Series with Added Features

Kodak has added a line of inkjet printers to their repertoire. The new Kodak Hero all-in-one printers are hitting the market record because of their excellent capabilities to print files pushed from any device connected to the internet. This feature is achievable because of the execution of Google Cloud Print and Kodak’s Email Print technologies.  What is most important is that, the device sending the print command does not require having the printer drivers installed, thus increasing the printer’s compatibility with other.

Which Printer Should You Consider Purchasing- HP or Brother Ink Printers?

When it comes to buying a new printer, you may be surprised at the variety of printer brands available in the market. The main ones include HPBrotherCanonEpson and Lexmark. Each brand has positive as well as negative aspects.  One of the factors you must consider is how easy it is to purchase replacement cartridges. If your cartridge runs out of ink in the middle of your printing activity, will you be able to make a quick run to your local computer supply store and pick up a new one?

Kodak Bankruptcy Has Impeded the Release of New Inkjet Printers in Recent Weeks

Kodak inkjet printer obtains award for being the leading player amongst inkjet printers. Kodak’s exclusive range boasts the lowest ink replacement costs in the industry, making them enormously cost effective, and its simple control panels, paper sensors and specific driver settings ensure user-friendliness.

Thermal Printers are Extensively Used in Various Fields

Thermal printer creates an image through a heating procedure. Typically, two types of thermal printers are available, thermal transfer or thermal wax and direct thermal or thermal autochrome. Direct thermal printers utilize special paper that is chemically treated, and when heat is applied to the paper the color changes.

How to Fix Toner Low, Out of Ink Message for Samsung SCX and Lexmark X series Printers

Some printers may have sensors that identify the amount of toner, but most have a counter that stays in touch with how much printing can be done and warns the cartridge as empty when it thinks it runs out of ink. Depending on the printer, it may likely be possible to reset or disable the counter. Also check your manual to see if it can be done effectively.  The illustrated procedure can be applied to the Samsung SCX 4016, 4116, 4216, 4321, 4521, 4321, 4521 and corresponding models from Lexmark X series.

DIY Photo Balloons- Inkjet Printer for Custom Balloon Printing


Printer Maintenance can extend the Life of Your Printer

If you want your printer to last a long time and perform at its best levels for the years to come, it is important that you take proper printer maintenance of the machine on a regular basis. Mostly, it depends on the care you provide to not only the printer, but also to its cartridges. Just like any other things in life, machine also get worn out and damaged over time. So, it is your utmost responsibility to maintain your printer and keep it going for an easier and trouble free use.