5 Tips to Maintain Your Ink Cartridges


Buying inkjet cartridges is a significant expense incurred in an office. Also, replacing empty cartridges can be really expensive in the long one. The worst part is that faulty inkjet cartridges can also cause damage to your printer. Therefore, you want to make sure that your cartridges are always at tip-top condition. Here are ways how:

1. Check before installing

Before installing a cartridge, make sure that it’s not damaged by checking whether the plastic pull tab or the clip has been adequately secured. Also, check if the gold contact chip has any impurities in it.

2. Make sure to install it properly

Printers have different methods of installing inkjet cartridges. Thus, you need to take your time and check the printer’s manual. If you are not provided with the manual, check out videos regarding proper installation on YouTube.

Your ink cartridge also needs to fit in smoothly without being forced. Moreover, it should be removed easily. You should also switch off the printer and ensure that the printer head goes back to its resting position before removing it.

3. Check the ink levels

Modern printers are fitted with a sensor that shows a signal when the ink level is low. Streaking, patchy printing, and blank printing are also signs of low ink. However, if you have taken a long period before using your printer, it can still send signals of low ink levels.

4. Ensure unused cartridges properly

Unused ink cartridges should be kept in their airtight seals so that they won’t dry out. This can help protect the nozzle from damage.

5. Store cartridges in an upright position

Ink cartridges should be stored in upright positions while the nozzle should be in the upper position. Moreover, when storing ink cartridges that were used previously, make sure you keep the nozzle in the top position.

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5 Tips to Maintain Your Ink Cartridges
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