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How You Can Protect Your Printer from Software Updates

Have you ever updated your printer software only to find out that it doesn’t affect your printing at all? The reason is simply because software updates don’t directly affect printing! It won’t make your printer print faster or save ink from your inkjet cartridges. In fact, these updates may actually do more harm to your computer by making your printer software incompatible with re-used or re-manufactured inkjet cartridges.

How to Take Care of Your Printer

While most people think printers are sturdy and durable, they are actually quite fragile on the inside. This is why it is very important that you take care, maintain, and properly handle your printers; otherwise, they will stop working. If you don’t, you’ll be experiencing a lot of printer jams, malfunctions, or maybe even a breakdown if it’s too banged up. If you want your printer to last long, then you’ve got to know how to take care of it. Here are a few tips that can help.

Searching For The Combo Of Cheap Printer Inks & Best Quality?

If you started your new business and you have no clue how to manage all the budgeting, we have a quick solution for starter. Putting all the misconceptions aside, you might know that there are tricks to get the cheap inks for HP printers. If you are running a tiny business, it might be necessary to save money at all corners and handling the ink proficiently is part of the business.


The only thing you need to keep in mind while buying cheap printer inks are that, you should always make a decision on quality, compatibility and strength with the price range.

About bison3D Filaments

3d-filaments.jpgAbout Bison3D 3D Filaments – ABS and PLA.  Bison3D ABS as a polymer can take many forms and can be engineered to have many properties. In general, it is a strong plastic with mild flexibility (compared to PLA). Natural ABS before colorants have been added is usually soft milky beige. The flexibility of ABS makes creating interlocking pieces or pin connected pieces easier to work with. It is easily sanded and machined. Notably, ABS is soluble in Acetone allowing one to weld parts together with a drop or two, or smooth and create high gloss by brushing or dipping full pieces in Acetone. Compared to PLA, it is much easier to recycle ABS.

Continuous Ink System


Importance of Maintaining Your Printer

printer-maintenance.JPGAlthough printers need very little maintenance, they do require it. Working your printer like a horse will cause it to wear down like any other working machine, but keeping it in pristine condition will help it live longer.

Process & Performance of Printer Ink Refill Kits

For low-cost printing wayouts, a myriad of people, across the globe, employ printer ink refill kits with their inkjet printers. These kits consist of liquid ink of Black, Magenta, Yellow and Cyan colors, if it is a colored inkjet printer. The inks are stored in small dark airtight bottles, so that they don’t react with the light and air. Apart from inks, these refill kits have a syringe and needle, with which, inks can be injected into the cartridges. Packed quite perfectly, these inks don’t get dry, even after the date of expiry.

Refills Ink Kits And Bulk Ink System

ink-refill-kits-and-bulk-ink-system.JPGRefill Ink Kits provide an economical way of printing. Apart from low prices, there are plenty of advantages of going this way. You get low cost printing, and attain the same quality printing. Let us know more about ink refill kits in briefs –


Toner Cartridge: Replace or Refill?

Konica-Minolta MagiColor 3730To keep on getting printouts, one needs to buy printer products. When printer cartridges get empty, people either buy a fresh set of cartridges or get their old cartridges refilled with fresh ink. Both are the most used methods of getting uninterrupted printouts.

Buying a Printer or Printer Ink


Just before writing this blog, I was going through a blog, somewhere on the internet, where someone has mentioned that he purchased a printer at $70, and surprisingly both the cartridges (colored and black) at $90, which was more than  the price of printer. So next time, when his cartridges ran out of ink, he purchased the whole new printer, instead of buying replacement cartridges.

Why Canon Ink is considered the Best Purchase of Printer Users

Canon Ink is one of the highly regarded companies known for its high quality printing materials and printer ink supplies. The company is a reliable manufacturer of both printers and printing supplies in the worldwide basis and the quality of their products is something that makes them the leader in the printing world. Canon offer guarantee on each and every product they sell and one of the mostly sought after product is the ink cartridge.

How Much Ink Should you Consider Buying

Like everything else, it is wise not to have more than enough. But you never want to buy too much to the extent that you over extend the shelf life of the ink.