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Printer Ink – Really The Most Expensive Liquid on Earth?

I read somewhere that printer ink is one of the most expensive liquids on the Earth. I thought it was a joke? It isn’t! Cartridge tubes really come so costly that one is surprised.

OEM vs Compatible vs Re-manufactured Ink Cartridges

When it comes to printers, it is important to be a wise buyer as much it is to be a wise user. Be it a studio, office or even at home – you do not want to run out of ink in your printer or get poor outputs. Therefore, while buying printer ink cartridges online, a little research and comparison could make a big difference not just during the purchase but also in the service the Inkjet Cartridges provide.

I Heard A Printer Singing!!

Did you ever hear a printer singing? I too didn’t until recently.

Actually, I was playing a promotional video game with my son. The game was launched by a well-known printer products company to promote its products. It began with a cartoon printer reciting this poem –

When Printer Became Cause of Horror!

I went on a business trip last month. I had a crucial meeting there at noon. So I got up early morning and prepared important notes on my laptop. Ready, I transferred these to my pen drive, called the room attendant, requested him to get the printouts from the pen drive, and myself headed for the bathroom for a quick bath.

How The Printers Have Evolved

Today, I’ll talk how the printers have evolved in recent years. I’ll not dig into the history but just discuss how the printers and Inkjet Cartridges have developed.

Today, printers are very reasonably priced. Although a big commercial printer is still expensive, you can purchase a simple home machine for a few bucks. This, I think, is a significant development.

Solving The Printer Ink Problem

You never know how long the printer ink will last.

With every manufacturer having a different cartridge system, it is always difficult to determine how long the ink will go on. Although a printer ink cartridge declares its printer ink yield on the box pack, it actually refers to the estimated number of pages which can be printed from a single ink cartridge. This too can differ between the cartridges of various brands as they could use different test settings.

Tips for Saving Printer Ink

Printing is a routine function for any business, large, medium or small. So you have to ensure that it does not become costly, and, at the same time, is efficient too. Lost time due to printer ink, toner or paper running out and staff having to leave the office premises to get more stock of printer cartridges can impact productivity as well as profit.

Choosing Your Inkjet Cartridges

Too many dishes on the plate make you confused. Isn’t it? Same is the case with printers and Inkjet Cartridges. When you decide to purchase a cartridge, you come across so many options in the market. You just don’t know which one you should purchase.

Why Purchase Compatible Canon Cartridges?

Do you know who is the best friend of a printer? It is the cartridge. A printer is just useless sans cartridge. Pull the cartridge out of a printer and it will refuse to work, unable to print even a period. You can even say that a printer is just as good as its cartridge.

Comparing Compatible Cartridges With OEM Cartridges

Buying printer ink cartridges is a simple, and yet, a complex task. It actually depends on how you do it. Price is always a major factor while purchasing an ink cartridge but the core factor is surely the output. No matter how less you spend on the printer or the ink cartridges and how quick the delivery was made, the quality of the final output speaks louder than anything else.

Always Keep A Backup Cart

You are guilty.

Yes. You are. Don’t blame your printer.

Why Use Canon Cartridges

Thank you Canon for supporting our business with your printers!

I know you’ll find my statement loaded with exaggeration. But that is it. If you think I am stretching it beyond, I can justify it.