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How Big Data Plays Its Role in Office Printing

Offices today rely more and more on digital systems. To cope with the demands of technology, printers today are equipped with multiple functions that enable them to be more useful to the modern office. Now, they are no longer just printers. They are also scanners and photocopiers. With this added load, offices need to stock up on more HP Refills to ensure they don’t run out of supplies during important periods!

The first cartridge I ever refilled

This is the story of someone who began refilling their own cartridges, and through that experience went into the business of selling refills and the idea of refills to others.In the early 2000’s, my cartridge ran out of ink.  It was a Canon BCI-21 series cartridge (printer was a Canon MultiPass, taking a BCI-21 black and BCI-21 color ink cartridge).  The 2 cartridges could be substituted with the thicker Canon BC-20 inkjet cartridge, which would offer more black ink and require that the printer prints in monochrome mode (black only).A set of new inkjet cartridges from the college bookstore cost around $40, a heavy price for a college student, and about 1/2 of what a new printer would cost.  In fact, you can pick up a printer for as low as $60 today (for an inkjet printer).  Taking a closer look at the inkjet cartridges, a light bulb went off…

Glossy Optimizer Inks

Did you know that some printer ink cartridges use Glossy inks? Glossy optimizer inks are used in some very unique printer cartridges, specifically and most popular models are the Epson R800, Epson R1800 and Epson R1900.  Also the Kodak #10 and #30 (which are the newest Kodak ink cartridges) also use the Glossy inks.  These glossy inks are hard to find, but Atlantic Inkjet has released them in different sizes and also part of the Atlantic Inkjet Kodak ink refill kit. Just search our Atlantic Inkjet site for Kodak ink refills.