5 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Inkjet Cartridges


When digital computers became more commonly used in the late 90s, inkjet printers have also followed the same path. No office is complete without one, as inkjet printers offer versatility at a low cost.

For good quality print output, the use of good quality inkjet cartridges is recommended. However, buying good cartridges is just the first step as it should be well-maintained to prevent printer damage and poor print quality.

Worry not, as here are five simple ways to maintain your inkjet cartridges:

  1. Check Parts Before Installing

When installing an inkjet cartridge, ensure that there are no damages. Most cartridges have a small plastic tab that should be gently pulled before installing. The gold or metal chips should appear normal (i.e. no dents, scratches).

  1. Install it Gently

As you install the cartridge, ensure that it is not bluntly forced in. Different manufacturers have different ways of installing cartridges, and it is advised to follow the instructions carefully. Most new printers have visual instructions placed near the inkjet printing head. Usually, a discreet clicking sound is normal.

  1. Ensure Quality of Printer Heads

The printer head is the vital part of the printer, controlling the flow of the inkjet, being basically where the printing takes place. Most modern printers have ways to clean the printer head. While damages to ink cartridges due to misconfigured or contaminated print heads are rare, it is still recommended that the printer head is clean. Always check as well the ink levels to prevent drying of the printer head.

  1. Store Unused Cartridges Properly

Ink cartridges that have yet to be used should be securely kept and not open. Avoid storing in high humidity and high heat areas. Ink cartridges must be stored upright (especially while boxed). For used cartridges, make sure that the nozzle part is on top during storage to prevent ink leakage.

  1. Handle Ink Cartridges With Care

As with most electronic devices and paraphernalia, ink cartridges must be handled with care. Do not touch the nozzle or chips as this may contaminate or damage them.

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5 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Inkjet Cartridges
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