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OEM vs Compatible vs Re-manufactured Ink Cartridges

When it comes to printers, it is important to be a wise buyer as much it is to be a wise user. Be it a studio, office or even at home – you do not want to run out of ink in your printer or get poor outputs. Therefore, while buying printer ink cartridges online, a little research and comparison could make a big difference not just during the purchase but also in the service the Inkjet Cartridges provide.

Beware Of Fake Ink Cartridges


As our printing requirements keep increasing, we are compelled to buy compatible ink cartridges. These compatible ink cartridges are excellent alternatives to OEM cartridges because of their low- pricing. Actually, pricing is just one of the factors, the other factor being the quality of prints that they produce.

HP Toner Cartridges- High Quality at Low Price

HEWLETT PARKARD (HP) needs no more description. HP is a house hold name in printers and toner cartridges. HP first began mass production and since its launch in the year 1988 made printers a common name due to the affordable price tags attached to it.

Samsung Toner Cartridges are the Latest trend

The Samsung Toner cartridges are latest from the magical kitty of the electronic maestro- Samsung. With its wings spread in already more than sixty five countries across the globe, talking about the quality of Samsung toner cartridges will fail all words.

Things to Be Considered While Filling a Cartridge

Refilling the cartridge may be the messy and time consuming to some people who are not fluent with the filling procedure. However, those who do it in a regular basis, don’t think the same. Refilling the cartridge is a simple task. A person just need to follow a set of instruction and some points need to be taken into consideration. A refill kit comes with the easy to use tools of refilling, a pair of ink bottles and instruction manual.

About Choosing Genuine Cartridge for Your Printer

Every printer uses specific type of cartridge to give a quality print out. There are certain cartridges that come with a tagline of genuine and non-genuine for particular brand of printers. Some cartridges are compatible with Epson and Lexmark brand of printers but are not genuine choice for HP or cannon printers. If you still use the non-genuine cartridge in your printer, you may not get the quality print out of what you expect it to be. Usually, the boxes of the cartridge have this information about with which brand of printers it can be used.

Of course, an OEM cartridge is a better deal

OEM cartridges are originally manufactured by the printer manufacturing companies. They are specifically designed for the model of the printer they manufacture. Generally, OEM cartridges are expensive as compared to the other cartridges available in the market. But, it is believed that they give the best quality printing. It is also beneficial for the printer as the technology used in manufacturing the original cartridge is according to the model of the printer. Each cartridge has some specific features that are available only in the original cartridge and not in the remanufactured one.