Brother HL-2240 won’t print after refill

Brother-HL-2240 Please check below the instructions to reset toner after refilling :

1. Turn your Brother HL-2240 off

2. Open the front cover of the printer

3. Press and hold Go and turn power on. Do not let the button go.

4. When all 3 lights light up, release the Go button.

5. Press the Go button twice (You will see the Ready light blink green      every time you press the Go button)

6. All of the lights will light up

7. With all of the lights on, press and release the Go button 5 times (You will see the Ready light blink green every time you press the Go button)

8. The Error light will start blinking (Don’t be alarmed. This is expected.)

9. Close door and wait. The printer will cycle through and make the sound it makes when you initially cut it on. After that sound stops, your green Ready light will be on and solid.

10. You are now ready to print.

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