Brother Printers Have Collapsed In the Printing Market

The US patent of Brother claims that their process of rendering Inkjet cartridges is useless once it indicates that the ink has fully been exhausted. It is a comprehensive self-contained procedure that will work even when the cartridge is taken out of the printer, powered by its own battery backup.

The cartridges that come in addition to Brother Printers are out of the ordinary as they only have a drip of ink in them to get started with, and you may be able to print three to four sheets of A4.

But the worst part is that Brother Cartridges cost the double as much as the initial cost of actual printer. For this reason many users get binned when they find this out.

They cannot be recycled as prebate scheme has stopped them from doing so. Prebate is their system of selling cartridges at discount, if end users make up their mind to either throw it or send it back to Brother unit. The seal across the box include letters of agreement saying that by opening it, you agree to abide by their scheme. This is another attempt of the manufacturer to stop recyclers get the empty cartridges to remanufacture.

Not restricted to these, they have threatened or taken action on many small companies with court order. They have successfully won cases by either bribing the men of justice or scaring them off with the consideration of costs and possibly losing the case. They clearly go up against people recycling their cartridges.

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