Competitive Review – HP vs Brother


As a printer user, your first expectation from your printer is quality. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a home user of office user, everyone is on the lookout for this ‘Quality’. There are present tens of world-famous printer brands, offering their unique series of printers and other printer products. In these renowned brands, HP and Brother are two long-time competitors in the market. These two are so close to perfection that they, at times, seem overtaking other’s consumer market. Given below is a competitive review of both the companies –

Benefits of Brother Printer –

Brother is a veteran printer brand, which has been working for more than five decades. Their products are acknowledged as reliable and long-lasting. The cartridges of Bother Inc. work longer than that of its other close contenders, including HP.

An added feature of Brother Printers is affordability. All the printer products of Brother are and have been pocket-friendly, since its very inception. They focus on providing trustworthy technology at affordable rates.

Benefits of HP Printers –

HP offers a range of user-friendly printing devices. Their inkjet or laserjet printers are designed to comfort users with their useful features. HP printers consume low power supply, which does not hit the user with heavy monthly bills.

Another attractive feature of HP printers is speedy printing. The printers of other brands take a good startup time to originate print.

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