Refill Brother Toner cartridges in 3 steps: Unplug, Empty and Refill

Saving money does not have to be harrowing. Refilling is one of the easiest and most discreet methods to cut down on your printer’s maintenance cost. Brother printers come with toner cartridges that are refill friendly. Various refill kits are supplied with a set of easy to follow instructions.

The Brother printers allow independent functioning of the toner and the drum unit, so no need to worry about simultaneously replacing both the components in case one wears out. This makes them technologically and economically sensible.
Follow the steps mentioned to refill with ease and perfection:

Step I: Unplugging the hopper cap
•    Gently remove the empty Brother Toner cartridge from the printer.
•    Detach the toner cartridge from the drum unit and place it on a flat surface. Make sure to protect the drum unit from direct sunlight.
•    Look for a white or black plastic hopper cap which is usually present under a “Do not remove label”.
•    With the help of a small flathead screwdriver lift the hopper cap to gain access to the refill chamber.

Step II: Emptying out the previous toner
•    Carefully empty out the entire old toner from the cartridge directly into a plastic bag. Make sure that the old toner has been emptied completely before refilling.

Stage III: Refilling with the new toner
•    Shake the new bottle well before removing the cap.
•    Now remove the cap and the seal from the bottle containing the new toner.
•    Make sure that the toner-pouring spout is fitted correctly to the bottle; the fitting should not be loose.
•    Carefully descend the spout into the hole of the Brother cartridges.
•    After the spout has been inserted, carefully position the cartridge in an up-bent manner allowing the toner to slowly flow into the cartridge.

Step IV: Replace the hopper cap
•    Replace the hopper cap with the new cap provided.
•    Gently rotate the cartridge from side to side to allow even distribution of the toner in the cartridge.
•    Your cartridge is refilled and is ready to be used.

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