With the widespread use of computers today, all the leading brands along with the new ones are launching quality products on a daily basis. When it comes down to buying printers a good majority of people prefer purchasing Dell Printers simply because of the trust behind the brand name. It’s very rightly mentioned that everything comes at a price, this holds absolutely true for the Inkjet Dell Printers for a variety of reasons and hence they are not recommended.

With the availability of faster and efficient laser printers the inkjet printers are taking a back seat, a major disappointment with the Printers from Dell is the cost and availability of their ink cartridges. Apart from this the cartridges from Dell are relatively small and need refilling pretty soon. All this comes at a major price of around $30 for the inkjet cartridges and there’s more bad news to follow, in case you need a refill then the only place you can get this done is from Dell’s Website. Also, Dell toner cartridges are also higher than their competitors in terms of efficiency. Another important yet unexpected let down to mention is the sluggish print from Dell’s printers while printing photo’s and graphics.

On the other side, there are a few advantages that one might avail with Dell’s Printers and Dell Ink Cartridges. Since cartridges from Dell are smaller in size, so the refill kits last longer and also the cost per cartridge refill is lower than with other manufacturers. Also to be fair, Dell printers are usually pretty fast for printing text and just a bit cheaper than others if sacrifice of quality is given some thought. Dell is not much known for its spectacular ink and photo printing with its printer models but if a serious and genuine effort is made Dell might be able to race ahead from its all time competitors.

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