Epson is one of the world leaders in the production of printer and its cartridge. The Epson is basically a subsidiary of Japan based Seiko Epson Corporation, a company which was in importing and exporting business of clocks and watches. Epson ink cartridges have a solid reputation in office stationary mart. Epson spends a lot on R & D to innovate technologies which are best in market and user friendly.Epson ink cartridges are better than all other brands. There are numerous reasons for it. The ink is of good quality, acid free and quick drying that prevents it from smudging. The product life is much higher than other brands. Epson boasts of 92 years of lasting of its print materials. 

Epson ink cartridges are technologically advanced as they use smart valve technology that creates smaller dots, which combine to form more precise image. It runs 30% more than other competitors. There is less chance of fading. With individual ink tank facility, it proves to be more economical as here you will refill only the one which gets finished rather than replacing the complete ink tank. When the ink gets lower than the minimal level, the PC alert goes off for you to remind of ink refilling. Epson does its business in an environmentally responsible manner and so becomes the foremost choice for corporate sectors.  

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