Increased Demand of Printer Cartridges have made Retail Competition Stiff

With the advancement of computers into every household, the increased costs of technologies have become one of the major concerns among consumers. For example, consumers are concerned about the cost of using their gadgets, including the cost of maintenance and operational costs.  People are aware of the increased cost of inkjet cartridges for inkjet printers.

Inkjet printers are priced typically low, and some people believe that the cost is well below in many cases. The immediate result to this is to slow down market entry. This way, inkjet printer cartridges are priced exorbitantly high in most of the cases, as a means to reimburse for low cost printer margins. Market reviews and evidences suggest that consumers are tempted by the purchase of low priced printers that ultimately end up with higher costs of ink usage and high operational costs.  The implementation of this strategy of gaining profit seems quite lucrative for the manufacturers, but it costs consumers a fortune and even more than that in the long run.

The fact is that producers are well-aware of the costs and profit margin for both printers and ink. Unfortunately, consumers are not. This asymmetric information about the pros and cons of printer ink market serves the interests of producers, but conversely affect the consumers.  However, the overall impact of present pricing policy in the context of inadequate information about the real cost of printing over the printer’s lifetime is a drain of economic wealth from consumers to producers of printers and ink.

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