How to Use Lexmark Ink Cartridges

If you own a printer, you will come across printer problems. You must know how to deal with these rather than running for your mechanic every time. Expect to confront problems from printheads to paper jams to blinking error lights. So learn to deal with them.

Dealing with ink clogs is a problem you would commonly face. Ink clogs on the printer result in bad-quality prints. This usually happens if you do not use your printer often. To tackle this problem, print a test document every two weeks to keep its nozzles wet and functioning. If it does not work, immerse the printhead in warm water for two hours and then let it air dry. Ink clogs on it will loosen.

When you are using a new ink cartridge, you get an alert stating that the printer is unable to work as the cartridges were not made by Lexmark. What happens behind the scenes is if you have downloaded the printer’s most recent driver, a Status Monitor has also been installed. You have to uninstall the Status Monitor to make it perform effectively.

Many people tend to use resold printers. In most cases, these lack the desired quality resulting in recurring cartridge expenses. If you buy second grade printers you would just not be able to get the required customer support from the company which treats such kind of printers as throwaways. What you need to do is, get your printers from the company and use quality cartridges with them.

Avoid using Lexmark ink cartridges low on ink. Lexmark printers can tell you how much ink is left in your cartridges. Replace cartridges when they are low on ink. This would help you prevent damage to the printer. If you continue using a cartridge which is low on ink, it could cause some serious damage to your printer.

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