Lexmark Ink Cartridges are Not Getting any Cheaper

Lexmark printers are considered as one of the best quality printer brands in the market. Although there are many good reasons to own a Lexmark printer, people generally do not consider buying this brand due to its high rate of printer ink. The cost of Lexmark inkjet cartridges is something that you cannot afford for your regular printing job. The generic printer inks available for Lexmark printers are also more expensive than those made for other brands. So, if you have saved money on the printer purchase, you will end up spending the saving in purchasing printing consumables.

Also the quality of Lexmark ink is not up to the mark and cannot be as good as those of other popular brands. Most laser printers from Lexmark are produced with the printing speed capacity of 24 to 30 pages per minute in black and 18 pages per minute in color.  Unfortunately, in reality the average number of pages produced by a Lexmark per minute is less than what the company claims it to be.

Nowadays, the low priced alternatives are now available easily and can be bought from many office supply stores and internet sites. This is a relief for the printer users since they have quite a wide variety of options when it comes to buying replacement inkjet cartridges. You can even buy do-it-yourself refill kit and perform the refilling task at home, however be warned as this is incredibly messy! The inkjet refill kits come with replacement ink and are also supplied with necessary equipments and instructional guide for easy refilling of the cartridge.

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