Printers: Which one to pick

hp-photosmart-printer-with-monitor.jpgPrinter may be a small word & is not catchy to hear, but it is connected with our day to day life. No matter where you are reading this article, you would surely have a printer nearby. Since the introduction of Printers in the 1980s, printers have grown in popularity and performance replacing the typewriters & other means of typing. There are many types of printers, but for now I will write about the two common types of printers:

Inkjet Printers
Laser Printers

Inkjet Printer:

An inkjet printer is any printer that places extremely small amount of ink on the paper to create an image, it works by spraying ionized ink at a sheet of paper. The magnetized plates in the ink’s path direct the ink onto the paper in the desired shapes. A typical inkjet printer provides a resolution of 300 dots per inch, in some of the new models the resolution is much more as compared to the old days Printers. Some Common Brands of Inkjet Printer are Canon , Epson , HP & Dell.

Laser Printer:

The functioning of a Laser Printer is completely different from an Inkjet Printer it uses a laser beam to produce an image on a printer drum. The light of the laser alters the electrical charge on the drum. The drum is then rolled through a reservoir of toner, which is picked up by the charged portions of the drum. Finally, the toner is transferred to the paper through a combination of heat and pressure. The Normal Copy Machines that we see works with the similar function. Here are some of the Common Laser Printer Brands Okidata, Ricoh, Xerox.

But if you are planning to buy and is confused with which one to go with here are the 4 important points one should keep in mind before picking a printer:

1. Starting Costs
2. Ongoing Costs
3. Printing Speed & Quality
4. Color Printing & Quality

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