Identifying the Counterfeited Samsung CLT-4065

samsung-clt-406s-1.jpegThe markets, all over the globe, are flooded with fake, duplicate products. These grey market products are manufactured with a view to defame the original products and affect their market presence. If you own a Samsung CLT-4065 printer, and buy fresh replacements cartridge, whenever it runs out of Ink, you’d be shocked to know that the printer market is also facing the problem of counterfeiting. Almost all brands of printers and printer products are being sold along with their duplexes.

Samsung is making every effort to stop the counterfeiters, but you too should be attentive enough so that you do not get trapped with duplicates. Following are a couple of steps that you can consider before buying Samsung Toner cartridges for your Samsung CLT-406S –

Check for the logo of the company: Every company has a unique logo itself, and you must check it at the product package, before making the buy. Nowadays, companies use technologically driven 2D or 3D logos that are difficult to copy for duplicates.

Packaging: The OEMs always sell their products with quality packing, and if the product you are buying is being sold without anything around, chances are there is FAKE! Also the price of the original product is always fixed, and you can not negotiate over it, using your glib talking abilities.

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