Avoid Overflow of Ink by not Overfilling an Ink Cartridge

Refilling ink cartridges is both economical and environmentally friendly. Inkjet cartridges refill is indeed, a better option rather than buying new ones each time you run out of ink. However, all those advantages and refilling benefits would be wasted when ink refills are carried out improperly and the ink spills the cartridge causing a mess and potential damage to the printer and its peripheral devices. This is true, especially when refilling color ink cartridges. Inserting too much of a single color, for example Cyan can cause the cartridge to leak and take over the rest of the colors during printing which will ultimately change the color results.

Thus, it is important to note how much ink you insert into the cartridge in order to avoid overfilling when refilling an inkjet cartridges. Also, by taking time to complete the ink refill carefully, the mess and hassle of inks overflow problems or leaks can be easily avoided. One of the best ways to avoid ink overflow problem is to fill the cartridge only three-quarters of the cartridge rather than to the brim. By not refilling ink cartridge too close to the top, you can avoid the risk of accidentally overfilling it and causing ink spill all over the place. By adding enough ink to refill the unit almost to the top, helps ensure that the ink cartridge holds plenty of ink to work properly for the next cycle, but not so much that there is possibility of a spill or hassle.

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