Epson Cartridges: What Do They Bring for You

“Damn it…just fed up of this cartridge…want to throw it!”

I have heard people screaming like this when they try to get a quality printout urgently needed from the printer which it fails to deliver.

I would recommend Epson printers to such harassed souls. Epson has revolutionized the quality at which inkjet printers print. Epson cartridges use Durabrite which is a pigment based ink. Since the ink is pigment based, it brings qualities which water soluble inks just fail to bring. It doesn’t just matter whether you want to print your photo memories, business cards and letter heads, Epson cartridges can deliver all these in style.

As I have already said, Durabrite Ink, used in Epson ink cartridges, is pigment based making it resistant to smudges and smears. It also resists light, preventing your memories from fading. These attributes enable you to get lasting photo prints. In laboratory tests carried out by Epson, images printed with Epson cartridges on photo paper and placed in a glass front frame, resisted fading up to six times longer than average print. The ink dries fast too, making the cartridge an automatic choice when you need to print double sided documents.

Epson cartridge yields quality printouts on any paper or media type you might use. It performs on plain old, ordinary stock paper as well as on high gloss photo paper, ensuring in the process that whatever you print drops quality and lasts for long. With these cartridges, you can control what colors you want to play with. Epson has each color (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) into the cartridge, which makes installing easy and convenient. If you run out of Magenta ink, you just need to replace that particular cartridge instead of replacing all. This helps you to reduce ink usage and and save on money.

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