How Should I Care for and Store My Cartridge Properly when Not in Use?

Refilling the first time? If so, then you must know how to properly deal with the refill kit. First of all, make sure that you do not let your cartridge dry out. Generally, people refilling for the first time often face with the problem of dried out cartridge. The cartridges if left empty for more than an hour will have the ink inside the cartridge will dried up and clog at the outlet of the print heads. When refilled, your cartridge may produce an inferior print quality such as streaks or dull output. If your cartridge has been empty for some days and not properly stored, it is recommended that you throw the cartridge away and get a new one along with a refill kit so you can refill it as soon as it gets empty. Another way you can do is to place your empty cartridge into a zip lock bag with a moist cloth (not wet) to keep the cartridge damp until you can refill it.

It is crucial to properly store toner and ink refill kits. For Inkjet Cartridges, they should be placed in a sealed zip-lock bag along with a paper towel or a tissue dampened with water. Do not cover up the print head with the moist towel as this can cause colors assimilation and end up producing a color mess. Also, it is not good to run your cartridge till it is completely dry.

For toner cartridges you must avoid exposure to direct rays of light and moisture. Light will cause damage to the drum in the cartridge and moisture will affect the toner by clumping it up.  They must be stored in a cool, dry place.

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