Inkjet Cartridge Prices are Rising Faster than that of Inflation

The whole world is experiencing a critical economic downturn which has affected the global financial market. Inflation has hit the economy of almost every country, resulting to the increased prices of goods and services. This has also affected the printing industry and inkjet cartridges. Prices of inkjet cartridges of all brands including Kodak, Lexmark, Epson, HP etc. have increased tremendously over the period. An upward pressure rate of inks indicates that their prices are rising up quickly as compared to that of the inflation rate.

If the cost of replacing ink cartridges seems out of pocket, then you are thrashed by high rates of inflation. Over the last few years, the rate has been raised up to 8%. If you look at the reviews of last few years, you will find that more than 50 to 60% printers have their printer ink prices very high and are inclined towards upward direction. The biggest price hikes were seen in for printers like Lexmark, Kodak and Epson. However, this increase in price was not common for all kind of inks as some brands have gone very high and some are still the same.

Whatever may be your choice of printer, it is always wise to shop around for finding the lowest rate of printer inkjet cartridges in the market. The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) cartridges are generally expensive and you can only end up spending money if you choose original ones. For better deal, you can start to look for third-party inks like, refilled and remanufactured cartridges and save your money.

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