Questions to Ask A Cartridge Sales Executive

Sales executives are usually talking bombs. They can just floor people with their talking ability. They say you give brass to a talented sales professional and he would sell it as gold. But I would tell you how to add gum to the mouth of a printer Inkjet Cartridgessalesperson. He’ll only utter words if he has got a genuine product.

You just need to put up some smart questions. If you are purchasing online, just make a call to them or shoot an email demanding that these questions be answered.

1) Do I really require manufactured ink cartridges to get the best results from my printer? Even if I print only regular documents like emails and notes etc.

If he answers in affirmative, take it as a red flag. You need not any special cartridge for printing such kind of documents. Any type of cartridge would do. You could need a really authentic cartridge for printing a high quality photo but for a regular printout, you need not a regular one. A trustworthy compatible cartridge for original ones like Brother Inkjet Cartridges should do the trick.

2) How many pages will the cartridge print?

Answer of your question could help you determine your cost per page to print so that you can compare between several cartridges. A supplementary question would get them on their toes. Ask what percentage of page coverage the manufacturer uses to come up with the particular number.

3) Can I see the cartridge perform on plain white paper?

Usually, stores have their sample prints on the expensive photo paper. However, printing it on a quality paper doesn’t indicate how the product will perform when you need it for regular jobs. For getting a good look at what it can do, ask the salesperson to demonstrate how to set the printer for maximum performance on plain white copy paper. This will help you know the exact quality of the cartridge.

4) How long until the inks fade?

All inks do fade. However, high-quality inks in Laser Toner Cartridges take several years to fade when used on high-quality, acid-free paper. The question would help you know the quality of the ink used in a cartridge.

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