How to Choose Your Printer?

Too many options make you confused. Isn’t it? When you venture out to purchase a printer, you find so many printer types. You just don’t know which one would be suitable for you.

Well. I could help you on this.

First take inkjet printers. Inkjet printers were the first to allow the ability to print in color. It was in the last years of the 1980s when inkjet cartridge became available. Though the technology has changed dramatically over the past decades, inkjet technology is still commonly used. Quite flexible, inkjet printers can be used either for office or home. They are available with the combination of scanners and photocopiers at the reasonable price. Capable of providing high quality printing continuously, these are the most commonly used printers.

Laser printers are a bit more expensive that the inkjet models. But they work faster, making them good to be used for an office. These printers need ink for printing per page increasing the printing cost. Most offices prefer laser printers for their speed and quality. These printers use a toner cartridge that combines the photoreceptor with the toner supply bin, the waste toner hopper, and various wiper blades.

Photo printers are specifically designed printers for printing photos. Although you can choose the laser and inkjet printer too for photo printing, using specialized printers enables you to get an outstanding quality with high level of definition. Quite expensive, this kind of printer is suitable to be used for photography, hobby or professional.

Multifunction printers are built to to be used for offices and small businesses. Apart from printing, they are also able to perform the task of scanning, copying and faxing. With an in-built support for Ethernet, these can be used effectively with a network.

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