How to Fix Toner Low, Out of Ink Message for Samsung SCX and Lexmark X series Printers

Some printers may have sensors that identify the amount of toner, but most have a counter that stays in touch with how much printing can be done and warns the cartridge as empty when it thinks it runs out of ink. Depending on the printer, it may likely be possible to reset or disable the counter. Also check your manual to see if it can be done effectively.  The illustrated procedure can be applied to the Samsung SCX 4016, 4116, 4216, 4321, 4521, 4321, 4521 and corresponding models from Lexmark X series.

If you reset the printed pages counter from the service code, warning message can be removed without replacing the fuse (0.0625 A). Press “Menu” button on your device and then promptly press # 1934 in a row and then display tech mode. You will see ‘Ready’ message displayed, current time and inscribed ‘Tech’. Access the “Cartridge” menu, choose “New Cartridge” and select confirmation tab “Yes” to reset the counter. Finally press left arrow key and enter twice. That’s it! To go normal display, continue with previous simulation.

However, if you cannot resolve this issue, you can consult with certified trained Samsung engineer who could help you fix the problem.

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