Thermal Printing


Thermal printing is not new technology. Early stage fax machine often employ thermal printing technology. Going into millennium however, fax machine employed inkjet and laser as its primary output process.

Now a day, thermal printing found its home in mobile devices, non-manned kiosks, pump fill stations, POS systems, slot machines and hand held label machines. Experts predicted thermal head, which generates heat on the thermal paper, and thermal paper are again on the uptrend as varies consumer and commercial fields use more un-manned stations.

There is technology that combines thermal and inkjet, TIJ, Thermal Inklet Technology. HP developed and aggressively market toward the graphic art segment of printing. Advantage of TIJ includes high resolution, multi mediums, fast and cost effective when compare with other high resolution printing. The technology is under another generation of development that hoping to bring the size and cost of the printing machines and cartridges down so that it can be a strong option for home and small business uses.

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