Access the usage of the ‘Consumables’

The money incurred into maintaining printers and copiers may vary depending on of the cost of the consumables. Here is a wayto quantify toner usage and slash down on any unnecessary expenditure.

1. Insert the new, unused Toner Cartridges in your printer or photocopier.

2. Nowadays the modern all-in-one laser printers and copiers are configured with a ‘page count’ feature. You can access this feature by going through the printer menu or simply by referring to your printer manual.

3. Keep a record of the toner being consumedby simply noting down the print counts when you commence printing.

4. When you notice that your prints are becoming fuzzy and streaky, remove the toner cartridge from the printer gently and shake it. This is an effort to extract the maximum out of the ‘consumables’.

5. Replace with a fresh toner after you have squeezed the remnants from your old toner cartridge.

6. Go to the page count feature and repeat the same process of writing the new number count.

7. Deduct the old count from the new one in order to get the page yield.

There are few applications available online which provide services to calculate ink and toner usage. However, the calculations may vary according to the page size, margin settings, the images being printed, and the number of Inkjet Cartridges being exhausted during the testing process.

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