How to Refill Empty Inkjet Cartridges

how-to-refill-inkjet-cartridges.JPGToday, printer is a really important accessory used in the offices and home for printouts. It is all depends on the cartridge to produce great quality printouts. Without ink, your inkjet cartridge is pretty useless. Refilling an inkjet cartridge is not a tough task. In your printer refill kit you will find everything you need to refill a cartridge. Simply follow the instruction mentioned in the user manual.

Follow these step-by-step instructions below for refilling your inkjet cartridge-

1. Purchase an ink refill kit. You can find these kits at the online store.
2. Gather your kit, a roll of paper towels and clear scotch tape together on a table.
3. Remove the empty cartridge from the printer.
4. Take a paper towel and fold it in half twice.
5. Place the empty cartridge on it.
6. Read the user guide included with the refill kit to find out how to refill your special type of cartridge.
7. Locate the fill holes on the upper side of the cartridge. Some cartridge has 2 holes, but only one leads to the ink reservoir that you will refill. This hole has a sponge in it.
8. Use a sharp pin to pierce the refill hole in the tip of the ink cartridge.
9. There are three colors of ink; magenta, cyan and yellow. Read the kit instruction on which hole to insert the each color.
10. Insert the long needle of the refill bottle deeply into the right hole. It is important not to push air into the cartridge while refilling.
11. Carefully watch to make sure that you do not over fill.
12. Cover the hole with a clear scotch tape.
13. After refilling color, blot the cartridge print head on the paper towel.
14. Replace the ink cartridge into the printer.
15. Print something as a test print to fix the ink flowing.

By following these steps carefully, you can easily refill your inkjet cartridge.

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