How to Remove Dried Ink from Cartridges Head Safely

Recycled cartridges have muscularly captured the ink cartridges market today. As they are most economic among all the available ink cartridges, they stand tall. Recycled inkjet cartridges are cartridges types which can be refilled either by you or sent to the original manufacturer for refilling. The cost of OEM cartridges has gone so up as it is not worth buying original cartridges every time when you are out of printer ink. Refilling is the only option you are left with. When cartridges are refilled again and again, dried ink clogs the cartridges up. This may not affect your printing job adversely but remaining for a long time it can result creating hassles for your printer.

Removing the dried ink is not so difficult; it requires a pinch of patience and some precautions. What you have to do is, take a bowl of hot water and immerse the ink cartridges head for few minutes in water. Hot water act to release dried ink from the cartridges. The ink will flow in to water and get away from the cartridges. After this treatment remove the cartridges from water and clean head with a cotton swab. Take a chill- pill; encountering the dried ink problem is now in your own hand.

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