Ink Refills vs. Brand New Cartridges: Musing over the better option

Ink refill cartridges vs. branded cartridges. Which is the best? Which can help you earn profit? There are questions tagged with these cartridges but definite answers to these questions are yet to come alive. Supporters of refills think it can help them save money. For them, saving of upto 60% is quite good and beneficial. Again the group that goes green put refilled cartridges in advantage platform. They advocate refilling for it wipes out the need of disposing a cartridge if it runs out of ink.

On the other side of the coin, there are people who are loyal to their brand. They call canon, live Lexmark and endorse Epson. According to them, a brand is after all a brand and it never gets down. The ease they get by superior quality printing can’t be described in their words. So, making a concluding remark about the best cartridge is not easy. Some live it upto price, some think it’s better to bend down to quality. However, the most intelligent group opt for two printers; one with branded cartridges for superior quality printing and the other with refilled cartridges for printing everything else.

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