Laser or inkjet: Weigh your needs and decide for your self

With a vast variety of printers present in the market and each one engineered brilliantly to suit different lifestyles, it becomes rather a tough job to choose the right one. Like thousands of other consumers, if you are contemplating buying laser or inkjet printer, here is a way of increasing your expertise to solve your own problem.

Laser printers have the advantage of delivering exquisite quality prints at a strikingly fast speed and are available in affordable ranges. The ingenious design of the laser printers allows it to print texts and images at the same rapid speed. But when it comes to inkjets, they are comparatively slower, as for every pixel of the image they have to sprinkle ink which hampers their speed.

The inkjet printers produce prints by spraying multi-colored ink from numerous inbuilt nozzles, whereas the laser printersare fitted with toner cartridges and a fuser. The Inkjet Cartridges tend to run out faster than the toner cartridges and need frequent replacements. The toner cartridges and fusers of laser printers also need replacement but the frequency of replacement is less, thus the long-term toner costs are substantially lower for laser printers. The cost of both the printers varies and depends on the cartridge quality, brands, and features.

An average inkjet printer delivers around 150 – 200 colored pages. On the other hand, the Toner Cartridges in the laser printers are capable of printing 2,000 – 10,000 pages, before flashing a toner replacement message.

Inkjet printers are compact, light, and easily manageable. Their petite size saves you a lot of place on your desktop, whereas the laser printers are usually heavy and difficult to carry around. Inkjets are appropriate for those who are looking for low volume printing on papers, photos, and brochures. If you are into bulk printing then laser printers are definitely worth the space.

The laser printers are designed to produce crisp black texts and line graphics like no other printer. They are equipped with better resolution and detailing. The average life span of laser printers is five years whereas the inkjet printers have an average life of three years.

The inkjet is more versatile and is capable of printing on garments, printable CDs and DVDs. If you have light printing needs and are looking for something easy on the pocket then buying an inkjet printer is the most sensible decision. Inkjet printers are specialists in producing dynamic and vivid images.

If you are looking for printing highly intricate texts with great precision then a laser printer will never disappoint you. Its fusing technology delivers professional quality white and black prints at an unimaginable speed. While the laser printer is a pro with monochrome printing, inkjet is unbeatable at producing vibrant prints.

Each is of its kind and engineered to meet different needs.Choose the one that best suits your printing requirements.

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