NEW! Continuous Ink Systems and Refillable Cartridges from Atlantic Inkjet

IMG_9683Atlantic Inkjet has long been a proponent for saving customers money, all the while offering the highest quality cartridges for inkjet and laser printers. The product offering caters to the “Extreme” quality conscious (who can buy OEM, or Original Brand cartridges), to the quality and price conscious who prefer to buy high quality remanufactured or compatible ink and toner cartridges, to the very price conscious who don’t mind a small leeway in quality or a few minutes of DIY (this latter category is for the refill kits that Atlantic Inkjet offers). Now, there are 2 new options:

IMG_96871) Continuous Ink Systems, and
2) Refillable Cartridge Sets

These categories offer savings of around 70-80% compared to OEM cartridges and 30-60% savings compared to remanufactured/compatible cartridges.

Continuous Ink Systems (CIS) comprise ink chambers that sit outside the printer, with tubes

IMG_9689that feed ink into continuous fill cartridges.

Refillable Cartridges are essentially the same concept, but there is no extrenal reservoir of inks, and therefore no tubes.

The benefit of the CIS over the refillable cartridges, is that you need to refill it less (about once every 6-7 cartridge life cycles). But it does entail installation and the tubes could be problematic for some printers.

IMG_9690The refillable cartridges offer all the benefits that CIS offer, with exception that they need to be refilled every 1 cartridge life cycle.








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