Printer Troubleshoot: No Problem at All

Sometimes when my printer malfunctions, I feel find myself in trouble as I am dumb in dealing with electronics repair. But the last week experience was pathetic; there was no one at my home to fix up my problem. Finally I cam up with my own research and learned how to tackle printer problems. Here are some of them I want to share:

The Paper Jam

This one is the most common problem printer users have to face with. The best way to tackle a paper jam is to pull paper lightly in the same direction it has been locked. Dragging it in the opposite direction may result in damaging your printer.

One of the Printer Driver is missing

As printer drivers are not pre-installed on all the operating systems, when a new operating system is launched in the market you face trouble while you print. Drivers are usually available on the printer manufacturer’s website and one can get installation guidance in user manual.

The Blank Page Syndrome

Only a blank page is coming out of your printer after giving the print command? Solution to this problem is to run clean print head function on your printer and remove all the air bubbles.

The Color and Print Quality is Diminished

Need not to compromise with the color and print quality when your ink well is running low. Replace the whole inkjet printer cartridges and refill them individually.


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