Resetting Brother Toner cartridges: Revealing easy steps which will save you hundreds

Toner Life End” message flashing on the screen is a dreadful sight, but here is a way out of your miseries. Just follow these simple instructions to enjoy trouble-free printing:

1.    Switch on the Power button and open the toner access main door; a message saying “Cover is Open” will flash on the LCD screen.
2.    The “Reset Menu” will appear on the screen after you have pressed the “Clear/Back” button.
3.    Press the ‘+’ button to simply scroll down the list of the printer’s toner cartridges which specifies the color and size of the cartridges installed in your printer, for example:
•    B.TNR-S – Black toner small cartridge (TN-110)
•    B.TNR-H – Black toner high-capacity cartridge (TN-115)
•    C.TNR-S – Cyan toner small cartridge (TN-110)
•    C.TNR-H – Cyan toner high-capacity cartridge (TN-115)
•    M.TNR-S – Magenta toner small cartridge (TN-110)
•    M.TNR-H – Magenta toner high-capacity cartridge (TN-115)
•    Y.TNR-S – Yellow toner small cartridge (TN-110)
•    Y.TNR-H – Yellow toner high-capacity cartridge (TN-115)
4.    Select the color and the size of the cartridge you want to reset and press OK.
5.    Ensure to reset each cartridge individually; press “1” to reset.
6.    Exit from the reset menu by pressing “Clear/Back” button and then close the door.

Squeeze the maximum out of your “consumables” life by conveniently resetting it without spending a dime, after all a penny saved is a penny earned.

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