Kodak ESP 3 Offers Affordable Printing Solution with Premium Ink Consumables

Kodak ESP3 is an all-in-one printer, scanner, and color copier which runs affordably with its low-cost Inkjet Cartridges, making it perfect for budget-conscious photo enthusiasts who plan to do a lot of printing.

The ESP 3 uses a smart paper sensor to adjust print settings which is really an intelligent intuitive feature. Also, Kodak includes an extra color ink cartridge along with a black ink cartridge. Significantly, this device has the cheapest ink of all the all-in-one printers available in the market.

Photographs work well to meet the high standards specification of Pixma, with vibrant colors and blurred edges. In documents, though, texts lack clarity, particularly when compared to printers that use separate pigment-based black inks.

The Kodak Ink cartridges eject specialized pigment inks that are water resistant and smudge-free, thus allowing the user to handle documents right after it is printed. Additionally, the device also identifies and prints directly onto envelopes and on a wide spectrum of photo or presentation paper. The printer also comes with Direct Photo Printing, so photos can be printed right from your digital camera’s media card.

With compatible ink cartridge, you can lower down the operational cost and the printing expense as well. The best value you can obtain is by purchasing the 6 pack combo of Kodak Compatible Inkjet Cartridges containing 4 black 1215581 ink cartridges and 2 color 1810829 ink cartridges.  For personal use, one can get the Kodak Compatible 1215581 black ink cartridge and the Kodak Compatible 1810829 color ink cartridge. To make your photos look more professional, use water-resistant 4 x 6 photo glossy Inkjet Paper.

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