Are Expired Printer Ink Cartridges Still be Used?

 The question is- whether an outdated ink cartridge can be used. This is the major concern of most printer users. Read on the following details to know about it.

In most of the cases, the answer is positive, however, there are a few exceptions/concerns that are worth to mention. Fortunately, many consumers are excited to know the answer since they will no longer need to spend more funds on the purchase of a new cartridge as quickly as they may have expected.

Although this is obviously great news for printer users, there are vital things you need to be aware of taking into consideration the passage of time such as if the cartridge has completely dried off or ink in the cartridge has run off completely. The ink cartridge generally comes in a plastic bag at the time of purchase and the holes and openings in the cartridge are usually covered. This is basically done to ensure that the ink has not dried out.

It is claimed that, if the cartridge has an inbuilt print head, the ink could be dried off a little. However, this can be easily sorted out by placing a damp cloth on the cartridge’s print head for a moment and this dilutes the ink that has become dry. You could even carry out a thorough cleaning of the print head two to three times to generate some fresh ink flow on the print head.

Given the situation that the ink cartridge doesn’t come with a print head and has been kept outside the package for a prolonged period of time, it would be wise to stay away from using the cartridge. Using a dried ink cartridge may result in serious damage to the printer.

Recycle Inkjet Cartridges

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