Recycling used toner cartridges: An Eco-friendly choice

A very common practice amongst all of us is that we tend to throw the toner cartridges in the garbage as soon as they are over, oblivious of the hazardous contribution we have made to the piles of plastics dreadfully occupying the landfills. Plastics generally take over 500 years to get decomposed, so be environmentally conscious and cut down on this waste…go in for a recycling program.

The concept of recycling has prevailed for years and is not a new concept. The practice of recycling used toner cartridges is a premium choice for the environment, your health, and your wallet.

About 80% less energy goes into remanufacturing of plastics than producing new ones. One brand new cartridge has the potential to consume around 74 ml of oil whereas a remanufactured toner cartridge uses merely half the quantity required to manufacture the brand new ones.

Many planet-friendly companies help you to ship them back the used cartridges for refurbishing. There are many stores which easily pick up used toner cartridges for reprocessing. They have embraced recycling programs that aid in hassle-free exchange of used cartridges for cash.

The three steps that will make you an environmentally-responsible consumer are Reduce, Refill and Recycle; so gear up and act responsibly.

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