How To Install Brother Inkjet Cartridges In Your Printer?

Installation process of Brother inkjet cartridges is not all that difficult as you might have imagines. It is a very smooth and easy process. Color ink may be consumed even when printing a black & white document or when black-and-white printing is specified. So, when your printer runs out of ink everytime, you can still print with either color or black ink cartridges. In case, it completely ran out of ink, you should refill it.

Brother Inkjet Cartridges


Procedure to Refill Brother Ink Cartridges:

1.  Check if the printer is turned on.
2.  Locate and open the cartridge access door, which is on the right side of the printer.
3.  When the door is opened, the cartridge carriage will move to the right for easier access.
4.  Press down on the old cartridges in order to release them from the carriage, and remove them.
5.  Take the new ink cartridges out of the packaging and remove the protective tape. Make sure you don’t touch the gold colored contacts.
6.  Hold the cartridges with the printed label facing up. Slide one cartridge at a time into the print carriage and press them into position. They should fall into place easily and if they don’t, they’re not properly aligned. The black ink cartridge goes on the right and the color cartridge goes on the left.
7.  Close the cartridge access door.

Note: When you have Brother inkjet cartridges, especially refilling it, sometimes you overfill the cartridge. Now, when you do so, you can have ink running out of the printhead and it might damage the printhead in the long run or even immediately. In case that happens, leave the cartridge out a few minutes to make sure it’s not dripping.

Also sometimes, inks are consumed in the standard cleaning and deep cleaning of the print head which may be necessary to maintain the performance of the machine. Always use a good quality ink, no matter whether it is high or low-priced.

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