Let Your Brother Toner Cartridge Live Long!

A simple masking tape can help increase the longevity of your Brother Inkjet cartridge! It is true and not a mere gimmick. You can even do it if your printer is indicating low cartridge signal. With the sky-rocketing rates of original Brother Toner cartridge, you will find it useful to implement this simple but productive technique that is focused on this article.

First of all, remove your toner Inkjet Cartridges from your printer and observe the two small windows on each side of the cartridge. If the toner is running low, you will immediately know it after having a look on these windows. On covering these two windows with masking tape, you can mislead your printer to think that there is plenty of toner inside. Again, there are other windows in the drum of the cartridge. If one of the drum unit windows is covered with electrical or masking tape, you don’t need to cover your toner cartridge windows. Since cartridge drum is generally damaged by light, it is recommended to work under dim light. However, it is not so harmful if the cartridge is exposed to normal indoor light.

Additionally, it is possible to print hundreds of extra pages by taping the windows from either sides of the cartridge or drum unit. However, you need to be careful to find out whether the printing quality is blemished or failing due to the lack of toner. And if these printing defects are seen, you must refill the cartridge or replace it without further delay. Consider purchasing compatible Brother Toner Cartridges which are typically less expensive than OEM cartridges. An excellent printing quality and a decent page yielding are the remarkable features of Brother Toner cartridges.

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