Tips for Printing Your Christmas Cards

The Yuletide season is here. It’s time to print Christmas cards again. But how can you print a quality card?

  1. Make a Customized Paper Size

To use pre-scored note cards, you will have to choose a customized paper size from the printer properties. Virtually all printers allow you to do this. The secret here is to define the paper size the same way all the time. The width should be set to the paper’s shorter dimension while the length should be longer. After that, the only thing you should change is the orientation of the paper.

  1. Use a Good Program for Optimum Output

It’s advisable to use a program that offers great flexibility for your layout size, graphics and textual placements, and color management. For this purpose, programs like Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw are highly recommended.

  1. Check Your Inkjet Cartridge

Print a test page to check the function of your inkjet printer and to find out if there are blocked printheads, alignment issues, or match color replication. If these issues are detected, then solve them before proceeding to print your Christmas card. Brother Inkjet Cartridges, as well as HP, Epson, and Canon need to be checked regularly by printing a test page. After which, proceed to check if your inkjet cartridge (HP, Epson, Canon, or Brother Inkjet Cartridge) needs replacement or refill.

  1. Keep Your Feed Rollers Clean

It is very important to maintain your feed rollers and keep them in a clean condition. Before proceeding to print, make sure that there are no inkjet coatings or paper debris on your rollers. This will go a long way to preventing paper misfeed.

By taking these four tips into consideration, you are sure to get the print high-quality Christmas Cards.

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