Top 5 Printer Brand in Market

Multy BrandIn the past few years, printers have become an essential home and office equipment. There are countless printer brands in the market that most people consider for their printing requirements. Some of these brands are decades old, and even, a few of them came into existence half a century back. When launched, printers were solely meant for office needs, but nowadays printers are manufactured considering the users’ needs and requirements. There are available home printer, laptop printer, wireless printers, high capacity office printers, etc. All these varieties of printers are delivered by most large printer brands. Following are the top five most liked printer brands in the market –

Brother – Established in the year 1954, Brother International Corporation is one of the largest, oldest and top selling printer brands. Having its base in Bridgewater, New Jersey, USA, Brother Inc has parented by the Brother Industries Ltd. Japan. Brother offers excellent printing solutions for all segments of the market.

Canon – A world leading printer brand that also manufactures cameras, lenses, and televisions. Canon offers printers for small, medium and large businesses, and home users. They also have a range of economical personal printers. Their made printers are highly trusted. Printers of Canon capably give high resolution and definition image and document printing experience.

Dell – One of the best names in the computer hardware manufacturing companies, Dell also falls into the list of top five printer brands. They cover a large market ration with their computer output products, and they have innovated some award winning, best seller printers. Working in the industry for about three decades now, Dell has brought quality and promise in the market. They offer printers for home, home-office, and office usages at reasonable rates with a promise of productive performance.

Epson – Working with a punch line of Exceed You Vision, the Epson printer brands offers the best in-class printers among other printer brands. The company stepped into the watch making business over a 100 years back, in Japan. The Epson Inc., with its mission of ‘Digital Innovation’ offers some of the award winning imaging solutions.

HP – Also known as, Hewlett-Packard Development Company, HP is the largest and most trusted name in the printer and computer market. Founded in the year 1939, the first customer of the company was Walt Disney Corporation, who bought their first product audio oscillator, a sound output device. Today, HP has the largest collection, variety, and series of printers among the printer manufacturing names.

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