Lexmark and Dell Printer Brands Offer Lowest Quality Output at Highest Cost

Dell printers are manufactured by Lexmark with the majority of their printers looking alike and the cartridges are almost identical. However, Lexmark cartridges will not work in the Dell printer without making some modification and if you search through the internet you would find some suggestions to allow you to carry out such an operation. Since Dell printer generally hails from the family of Lexmark printers, you will be frustrated in finding that the running costs of these printers can be one of the highest around with lower quality printing results. Lexmark now only sells single use cartridges  but it also adds to the dissatisfaction among the printer user since the single use cartridge stops the possibility to refill the cartridge once the ink runs out.

It must be a known fact that almost every Dell inkjet printer comes with a much smaller printer ink cartridge as compared to other brands. Also, the cartridges and toners of Dell inkjet printers are much smaller as compared to other models. This leads to the increasing cost of printer ink especially in the long-term. Though individual printer ink cartridges cost relatively lower, you need to buy printer inks over and over again which results to greater expenses. The new toners and ink for the Dell inkjet printer can be bought directly from Dell and you cannot buy these from any third party suppliers. Overall, Lexmark and Dell printer brands are not the best choice. If you intend to purchase a Dell or Lexmark inkjet printer, consider that you might end up with numerous issues.

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