Epson Ink Prices Catapulted as Japan Earthquake Inflates Manufacturing Costs

Japan’s March 11th earthquake and the ensuing tsunami that wreaked havoc resulted in a tragedy of an inconceivable level. The deaths, havoc and loss of personal property have impacted the world in striking detail. Most significantly, the earthquake had disastrous affect on the imaging and inkjet industry. It is certain that supplies will begin to be affected by April or May. Time will show how this tragic event will impact inkjet printing in the USA.

Epson is no exceptional that has been whiplashed. The company has reported that four of its plants have been damaged by the earthquake and tsunami. As a result, the Epson plants are subject to shutdown because of the heavy loss of power due to the ongoing nuclear crisis.  It is most likely that there will be shortages and price increases. For this interim cash problem, it may be possible that existing hardware will be sold at outstanding pricing. This indeed will create pre-mature shortage of printing supplies.

The effect on the entire industry will be felt in the upcoming days. The OEMs will feel the pinch, they will have to either increase the prices or reduce their expectation of profits. The excessive amount of profit that they reap from manufacturing ink would not let the prices fall below as easily. It might be said however, that inks and hardware prices will rise shortly. Some cartridge components could also be affected and market analysts are expecting the loss to last through the summer.

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