How to Fix Epson Printer Offline Problem

Have you just replenished your Epson inkjet cartridges so you can print an important report, but the status of your Epson printer is “offline”? Here are a few fixes that you can try:

  1.   Reset the Printer Spooler. You can reset the spooler by pressing Windows + R, which launches the “Run” application. Then type “services.msc” in the dialogue that appears. When the list of services comes up, look for the “print spooler.” Double click so that the properties box will open. Click on “Stop” under system status and click “ok” to save your changes. After this, open the services again. Check to ensure that the “startup type” is “automatic.”
  2.   Disable the SNMP Settings. To do this, open the control panel, then click on “devices and printers.” Look for your printer, then right-click it to open its properties. In the settings, click “ports,” then, with your highlighted IP, click “configure ports.” Disable the SNMP. To save the changes, click “ok.” Afterwards, right-click on your printer and try to connect.
  3.   Add the printer. If the above doesn’t work, you can try to add the printer manually by using its IP address, as well as port number. Open your control panel again, go to printers, and right-click to access its properties. Go to “ports,” and click on the entry with the check, then choose “configure port.” Copy the printer’s port name and IP address from the window that will pop up. Go to devices and printers again, then delete your printer if it is still there. Next, click “add a printer.”

The printer may or may not be detected. If it is, just click on it so your computer will connect to it. If not, pick “the printer I want isn’t listed.” Then select the option, “add a printer using TCP/IP hostname.” Enter the IP address and port you copied.

After trying these fixes, hopefully, your printer will already be online so you can print that report with those freshly-installed Epson inkjet cartridges!


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