How to Spend Less Time Inking with Epson

A lot of printing companies are set to revolutionize the productivity in home offices, small offices, and semi-professional photo printing shops by offering more convenient and more economical printer features. Epson is one of those companies. In the recent years, they have tried to device a printer with a high-quality ink cartridge that does not run out of ink quickly. And they have succeeded.

Previous printers can use Epson Expression XP-400 cartridges, which has a high capacity for printing. They produce nearly three times the number of pages compared to the standard capacity cartridges. They hold more ink, so you don’t need to change and refill your cartridge often than any other brands.

EcoTank Expression Premium Series

However, the Epson Expression XP-400 cartridges is not all that the company has to offer. They now have the EcoTank Expression Premium series which come with a 5-color ink system. What’s best about them is that they have two years worth of ink. Since the ink they produce is fade-resistant and smudge-proof, the documents printed can also last for a long time.

For people who like to purchase ink inclusions, you can buy the convenient high-volume ink bottles which come with a resealable cap and drip-free nozzles. You can easily store and refill these. These ink bottles have a unique key system that allows you to fit them onto the corresponding color on the printer.

With the the EcoTank Expression Premium series, you will spend less time inking and reprinting.

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