Tips on Saving Ink in Epson Printers

Whether your printer is large or small, you must learn that the more you print, the more ink you use. This simply means a higher cost you will incur when refilling your empty Epson inkjet cartridges.

Epson printers are known for giving a satisfactory performance since their cartridges have two categories of colors. However, other models need many cartridges for different colors. That said, to help you save ink in your Epson inkjet cartridges, we have prepared the following tips:

1. Always ensure you print using the ‘Draft’ setting of your printer. You can access this option in the Epson printer preference menu. This setting will prevent your printer from using any ink since you can preview the document before it gets printed.

2. If your print job doesn’t need a formal display or require any color, you can use the gray scale setting. The printer will use a little amount of ink compared to the regular color setting.

3. There are instances where you find yourself printing hard copies, yet you can use the soft copy. For example, you can request for an online receipt instead.

4. When printing a webpage, always select the part that you need instead of printing the entire file. Open the Print menu, then modify the page settings from all to the range settings so you can select the ones you need.

5. You possibly find yourself in situations where you print incorrectly. For instance, the report crosses the margins leading to some incomplete information, thus additional pages. To avoid this scenario, always check the preview part to have a glimpse of what you are going to print. From there, you can adjust your document until it fits your preference.

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