How to Refill and Store a HP Inkjet Cartridge

hp-cartridges-maintning.jpgMaintain your printer at regular intervals will increase the life of the printer and its cartridges. If you do a lot of printing in your office or home, purchasing extra cartridges is ideal for you, but storing them properly is also an important thing.  These types of ink cartridges are damaged if does not store properly. Here are some highlights which will help you to keep your cartridges and printer healthy:

• Many HP inkjet cartridges use an internal sponge that is required for air to get into the cartridges for ink to get out. It is a process where the volume of the ink goes out of the cartridges has to be replaced with the same amount of the air. If air cannot get into the cartridge ink cannot get out.

• Reusing the tape is a very common thing to do while storing the cartridges. Applying the tape back on the print head can cause ink wick  out to the jets and back into another color jet. In some cases the ink wicks out of the jets and causes a mess.

• HP inkjet cartridges have a print head on the bottom. This print head is a very sensitive part of the cartridge so it should never be touched. Any light scratch can damage the nozzle of the cartridges.

• These cartridges have an expected life of 24 months, which is divided between the shelf life and installed life. The maximum shelf life of these cartridges is 18 months.

• Keep this product in cool, dry and dark place. Heat can cause air bubbles expend inside the cartridge or can cause to leak ink.

• Never place your cartridge upside down (especially the color cartridges) because this might lead the colors to cross contaminate.

• Never refill your cartridge while they are in the printer this may cause of an overflow.

With the help of these tips you are able to avoid the usual errors made while refilling and storing an inkjet cartridge.

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