How to Remove Ink Stains

A slight gaffe while handling a printer cartridge could leave you with a stain on your clothing. If you are not careful with how you remove the stain, you can make it worse and cause permanent destruction to your clothing. Fortunately, there are ways through which you can handle the situation to avoid permanently staining your clothing. This document explains how stains from HP Inkjet cartridges cab be removed from hands or clothing.

Removing Stains from Hands

Wash your hands using a gritty soap.

Removing Stains from White Fabrics

To remove ink from HP Inkjet cartridges that has spilled on white fabric, use chlorine bleach and cold water. However, ensure that you react quickly before the stain dries.

Removing Stains from Colored Fabrics

Stains from HP Inkjet Cartridges that have spilled on colored fabrics can be removed using sudsy ammonia. This is a dilute mixture of ammonia, a detergent, and cold water. Ensure you act quickly on the stained area.

Important Tips

Blot the stained area with a paper towel absorbed in the relevant absorbent as explained above. Perform this action in an instant to avoid the stain from setting. If you did not notice the strain from the HP Inkjet and it has dried, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove most of the dried ink. Allow the stained fabric to sit for up to 24 hours before washing it. After which, you can launder it in cold water.

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