Storing Not-In-Use HP Inkjet Cartridges for Further Use

You must know what to do with your ink cartridge when left unused for many days so that it still works properly when it is time to print again. Ink cartridges get dried up easily if stored improperly, and you don’t want to waste money. A little carefulness and proper maintenance can save ink cartridges from drying up and also save your money.

There are two ways you can store HP Inkjet Cartridges. These are outlined below-

First of all, you will need a zip-sealed bag and a sponge or towel. If you have multiple cartridges, then you will need multiple bags and sponges. Place each cartridge carefully and separately into the bag. Then take the towel or sponge, make it wet and place the sponge into the bag with the ink cartridge. Seal the bag and then store it in a cool dark place until it is put to use for the next time.

Secondly, you can store Inkjet Cartridges in a plastic food contained with a lid. Here, there are two different ways, while storing a color cartridge, you can store with metal contents facing down and while storing black, store it with metal facing up.

Make sure that all cartridges are stored in a dark cool place, and also check the moisture of the towel or sponge regularly. If it is not wet then dampen it again for best results.

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